Your Story Isn’t Boring

In the evangelical church community, it can feel like there is a lot of pressure to “have a story” and to share that story with others as our testimony of God’s grace.  It is a powerful gospel-sharing tool—however, it is easy to get too caught up in our part of the story, rather than God’s part of it, and make it more about us and our human drama than about Him.

Hear me say, we should definitely be sharing our stories!  But, many devoted Christ-followers are feeling left out in the cold because they feel that their stories are boring, or that their stories would not inspire anyone to trust in Jesus. This is how I felt about my story for 27 years of my life.  I grew up in a Christian home, had two married, loving parents, went to a Christian school, and didn’t drink or use drugs.  Nothing terribly traumatic had happened to me, and I couldn’t really pinpoint a specific day or moment when I trusted Christ as my Savior.  It had just kind of happened, over time, and I got baptized while I was in high school. 

Fast forward to 5 years into my marriage—we started attending Watermark (our current church home), and started hearing amazing stories of God’s redemption every single week.  It was so refreshing and contagious!  You couldn’t help but want a story like those.  I remember half-heartedly asking God to give me a story like that, because I thought mine was boring. 

Sadly and ironically, at that point I had already begun my unfaithfulness to my husband.  Somehow it didn’t register with me that I was already writing my own part of the story—all the broken, awful, heartbreaking parts of the story.  At the 6 year mark in our marriage, it was those amazing Watermark testimonies that moved my heart to repentance, and gave me the courage to trust God enough to confess the affair to my husband.  And then it was God’s turn to blow my mind. 

He brought both my husband and I to our knees in desperation, begging Him to give us hope for our marriage.  Begging Him to honor our attempt to salvage our broken pieces, and to make something beautiful from the ashes.  And He did, ya’ll!  He did. 

Oh yes, He gave us a story of grace and redemption, but even more than that, He gave us the greatest gift of all…Himself.  A true, real, living, working relationship with Him that neither of us had ever had before.  That’s the real story.  That’s the part that matters.  If it were just my story, it would be a sad story of brokenness and heartache without a happy ending.  But it’s not my story.  It’s His.

Do you see??  The dramatic part of the story is not ours! The crazy, insane, doesn’t-make-sense part is not the depth of our depravity, it is God’s amazing love that rescues us from it.  That a perfect God, who is straight-up love and goodness, sent His only Son to earth to die on a cross for our ugly, dirty, messed-up selves.  He takes us as we are, loves us where we’re at, and gives us a second chance when we don’t deserve it.

You guys need to know something about me though.  Back when I thought my story was boring…it wasn’t. I didn’t have “big” sins in my past, but I had plenty of other ones.  I was completely narcissistic, vain, and dishonest.  I lived primarily for my own joy and interests, rarely looking to the interests of others.  I was living for myself, not serving God’s kingdom or His people in the least.  I had dead faith

God could have used any of those things to write my story, because His part of it is always the same!  Radical, supernatural rescue from ourselves. 

God doesn’t save us from the world, He saves us from ourselves.  We all need His transforming grace, we all need to be rescued. 

So, my question to you is this…do you think your story is boring?  I guarantee you it’s not.  But there is a chance you might be blocking God’s part of the story.  Not in the sense that you have some power that God lacks, but in the sense that God doesn’t force His love upon us.  For God to write His part, we have to admit we are broken beyond all hope without Him. 

Are you still hoping in yourself, thinking your story is boring because you’re not very broken?  Perhaps you trusted in Christ in a transactional way, like the way you would sign a contract or an insurance policy.  Maybe it was on your checklist of “things upright people do as they grow up.” 

Maybe you believed in your heart but never trusted Him the way a skydiver trusts his parachute, or the way a climber trusts his rope—like your life depends on it. 

Oh friend, I want so badly for you to experience the radical joy that comes from falling on your face, utterly helpless before God.  And then experiencing His love as He lifts your chin and says, “I know.  I love you, my child.”  Let Him love you like that.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

“Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.” Jesus, Matthew 10:39

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  1. Vicki Findley says:

    You are right on with everyone has a story, but it’s not about us, it’s hopefully helping someone see that God is in all of us. That’s what he wants us to do, serve others and there is always someone that can relate to your story.

    Last night, I shared my story with a small church group. This was my fifth time sharing this story, always with other ministries. When I was asked to share one more time, I said no. I was sick of telling my same story, then God whispered that I should tell it as many times as people will listen. As I sat down to write it again, the Holy Spirit turned it all around for me and I wrote from a different angle, putting it all about what God has done for me in my journey and how I have grown in my faith and my total surrender to Jesus Christ.
    I have such a burning desire to help and serve wherever I am needed. I do not believe it coincidences…your blog today was a Holy Moment that I was on the right path last night! Thank you for sharing! 🙏🏻


    1. I cannot love this enough! So faithful to keep sharing your story! There are no coincidences ❤️


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