Streams of Consciousness in Waco

I am seriously so distracted right now.  I came down here to try to write something for the blog, and spend some quiet time with the Lord, and this crew of teenage athletes is just so distracting.  Why, God?  I thought you wanted me to spend time with you, enjoy this evening that I have so blessedly to myself. 

Why did you make my computer die so I had to plug it in over here, next to these loud children talking about absolutely completely unimportant things in life.  Like baseball.  And baseball practice.  Ugh. 

Ok, maybe you are wanting to teach me something.  Focus, perhaps.  Discipline.  Or maybe you want me to stand up in the middle of this room and start preaching like Billy Graham.  Please Lord, no, for everyone’s sake.

They’re getting quieter now, so maybe I can get some ideas down on paper.  For one thing, I drove to Waco today in my husband’s Jeep, and Jeeps are very good for acquiring sun exposure.  Which is great, if you enjoy the sun’s cancer-causing rays, but if you are someone like me who has already had skin cancer, Jeeps are not for you.  Secondly, do you ever wish you had some sort of communication device to tell the other drivers what they need to know?  Like a marquis or something would be ideal.  So I can tell the truck driver to stay in his lane, or tell the guy tailgating me to calm his mammary glands.  On second thought, it’s probably really good that we can’t communicate with other cars.  Thank you, Lord, for protecting me from myself and not allowing me to say things that will get me in trouble.  Ok, lets get back to writing…

This has been “Streams of Consciousness in the Desert” with Amanda Pastusek.  Our apologies for the low standard of content in this piece, but the quality can only get better.  Hope you’ll join us again next time. 

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