A Fresh New Beet

Don’t like beets? Don’t beet yourself up. Just stay up-beet, nothing beets trying a new recipe. When I feel beet down, I just turnip some music and let the beet drop. Then I don’t miss a beet. Did I cover all the beet puns? Beets me….

Quarantine Day 21: Don’t Blame Your Family

Today was a rough day. I’m a blamer, so of course I’ve been focusing all my energy this evening on figuring out whose fault it was that today was rough. Mine? Ha! Never. Must be kid #1, she’s always pushing my buttons. Or kid #3, she was a hot mess all day, making messes faster…

Trusting God in a Broken World

Last week’s kidnapping near my neighborhood sparked many thoughts and brought many fears to the surface for me. This week’s post discusses those and explores how we can trust our children’s lives to God in a “warped and crooked generation.” I hope it speaks to at least one of you in some way, and encourages you.

I am Esau

I am so quick to look for little things in which to find bits of comfort, and I am quick to justify them as “balance.”  A little for God, a little for me. 

The Prayer I Meant to Pray, for My Daughter

What is the lesson that is most important for my child to learn? There are so many life lessons to be learned through skating, through sports in general.  It’s hard to think of a better tool for teaching perseverance, obedience, submission to authority, character in failure, or accepting consequences for our actions.  There are so many worthy things for her to learn through this experience; all of them edifying, and all of them able to teach her an attribute of God.  But the most important of all may be a lesson for her mother.  A lesson to remember how God defines success. 

Streams of Consciousness in Waco

I am seriously so distracted right now.  I came down here to try to write something for the blog, and spend some quiet time with the Lord, and this crew of teenage athletes is just so distracting.  Why, God?  I thought you wanted me to spend time with you, enjoy this evening that I have so blessedly to myself.Why did you make my computer die so I had to plug it in over here, next to these loud children talking about absolutely completely unimportant things in life.  Like baseball.  And baseball practice.  For.ev.er.  Ugh. 

Your Story Isn’t Boring

Hear me say, we should definitely be sharing our stories!  But, many devoted Christ-followers are feeling left out in the cold because they feel that their stories are boring, or that their stories would not inspire anyone to trust in Jesus. This is how I felt about my story for 27 years of my life. 

Jars of Clay

Some of us have so many cracks, we’re barely holding together.  Rather than trying to patch up those cracks, or cover them up, how about we let God shine through them and share our stories?  Share with others who need to know that someone else has been where they are.