Quarantine Day 21: Don’t Blame Your Family

Today was a rough day. I’m a blamer, so of course I’ve been focusing all my energy this evening on figuring out whose fault it was that today was rough. Mine? Ha! Never. Must be kid #1, she’s always pushing my buttons. Or kid #3, she was a hot mess all day, making messes faster…

Trusting God in a Broken World

Last week’s kidnapping near my neighborhood sparked many thoughts and brought many fears to the surface for me. This week’s post discusses those and explores how we can trust our children’s lives to God in a “warped and crooked generation.” I hope it speaks to at least one of you in some way, and encourages you.

I am Esau

I am so quick to look for little things in which to find bits of comfort, and I am quick to justify them as “balance.”  A little for God, a little for me.